Bathroom Amenities
Small bathroom accessories including: glass amenity bottles, boxes and trays; gel pumps; bottle holders; toilet roll and spare roll containers; incense oil burners; candle holders, etc.

BA 01

Cocoshell toilet brush holder, toilet roll holder and spare rolls box.

BA 01

Cocoshell toilet brush holder, toilet roll holder and spare rolls box.

BA 02

Penshell accessories; holder with recycled bottles, amenity box, tray, towel holder and soap pump.

BA 03

Cotton bud and wood box with brown and white cocoshell cover.

BA 04

Brown and white cocoshell toilet roll holder.

BA 05

Brown and white cocoshell towel rail to screw to wall.

BA 06

Toilet brush holder with brown and white cocoshell cover.

BA 07

Bamboo towel rack.

BA 08

Champagne capishe shell platter.

BA 09

Capishe shell tealight candle holders.

BA 10

Brown cocoshell water bottle container with cover.

BA 11

White cocoshell water bottle container and amenity tray.

BA 12

White washed amenity box with inset of worked metal.

BA 13

Worked metal incense holder and matching incense stick box.

BA 14

White-washed amenity box with inset of worked metal.

BA 15

Worked metal cylindrical amenity box, soap dish and
flannel platters.

BA 16

White-washed mosquito kit box.

BA 17

White-washed amenity box with worked brass knob and
matching tissue box.

BA 18

Wood and rattan amenity tray.

BA 19

White and green layered glass tealight candle holders.

BA 20

Ceramic amenity boxes with wood covers and ceramic knob.

BA 21

Curved cocoshell amenity tray with recycled glass amenity bottles.

BA 22

Brown cocoshell incense holder and matching stick box.

BA 23

Wood and cocoshell amenity trays.

BA 24

Cocoshell flannel holders.

BA 25

Cocoshell amenity trays.

BA 26

Recycled amenity bottles, soap dish and vase.
Polished curved aluminum tray.

BA 27

Various recycled glass amenity bottles and stands.

BA 28

Wood and glass vase.

BA 29

Brass pedastal and flat base candle holders with glass chimneys.

BA 30

Wood and glass tray for soap, shampoo and conditioner
pump dispensers.

BA 31

Wood and dimpled aluminum bathroom amenity boxes.

BA 32

Crackled recycled drinking glass.

BA 33

Recycled glass candle holders.

BA 34

Various recycled glass amenity bottles and stands.

BA 35

Heavy glass soap dishes. Possible to sandblast logo on base.

BA 36

Woven water hyacinth spare toilet roll bag.

BA 37

Various ceramic, wood and glass incense oil burners

BA 38

Metal and resin amenity box.

BA 39

Faux leather amenity box with brass knob.

BA 40

Resin and shell platters and soap gel pump dispenser.

BA 41

Coloured wood and dimpled aluminum amenity boxes.

BA 42

Ceramic platter and amenity containers.

BA 43

Ceramic amenity platters.

BA 44

Glass leaf amenity platters.

BA 45

White-washed wood with kupang shell amenity box,
soap dispenser and tissue box.

BA 46

Resin glass-look-alike amenity bottles with string detail.
Resin or terrazzo stand and soap dish.

BA 47

Red coral amenity tray.

BA 48

Capishe shell lilly and lotus candle holders.

BA 49

Teak wood gel dispensers with tray.

BA 50

Wood tray with split bamboo base.

BA 51

Woven grass water bottle holder.

BA 52

Wood and woven rattan amenity trays.

BA 53

Wood and rattan amenity tray.

BA 54

Wood and rattan glass coaster.

BA 55

Bamboo flannel holder.

BA 56

Square mosaic white cocoshell amenity and tissue box.

BA 57

Teak and stainless towel rack.

BA 58

Wood amenity box.

BA 59

Shell and resin washbasins.

BA 60

Terrazzo soap dish.

BA 61

Random shell pump dispenser.

BA 62

Ceramic pump soap dispenser.

BA 63

Ridged wood bottle coaster.

BA 64

Round ceramic amenity bottles with wood cover.

BA 65

Bronze lady candle holders.

BA 66

Wood and strip rattan amenity tray with ceramic bottles.

BA 67

Leather bag for amenities, lasered logo.

BA 68

Ceramic and glass soap dish / towel holder.

BA 69

Cocoshell platter for two towels.

  • BA 01